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Hi there! I'm Erika, Owner/Creative Director at The Studio and I am so happy that you're here! Here's a little backstory of how The Studio came to be!


Legend has it that I began dancing before I could walk, but I didn't have the opportunity to take formal dance classes until the age of 8 years old. Even then, that journey was cut short and I didn't return to formal classes until high school! During my college years on the NC State dance team is when my serious study of dance took off. But in between you could find me in my neighborhood creating dances with friends and performing for local and school talent shows. It was so much fun! From a very young age I saw how dance could bring people together and create joy!


My journey through dance has always been about tapping into joy and I want that for every person who comes through the TS doors! And that's what we're doing at TS...consistently preparing a space where joy is present through dance!


In 2019, I opened our doors and we had a wonderful turnout! However, 10 months later a global pandemic arrived at all of our doorsteps! Without a doubt, I pivoted and kept TS open virtually and we came through stronger than ever! Since our opening, we have presented our Nutcracker...the Remix holiday show, participated in the Greensboro Holiday parade annually, provided free dance days for the community, grown our competitive program from 20 members to 50, and so much more! As we continue to grow, me and the TS staff promise to maintain our core values of family, focus, and fun! We honestly believe that we can have fun while keeping your family life in balance and focusing on taking our craft seriously.


A bit about my experience...


I have over 25 years of experience as a choreographer, all-star/school cheer coach, college dance coach, and studio instructor for various schools and studios. My most memorable experiences have been serving as the head coach of the dance teams at Wake Forest University, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and my Alma Mater, NC State. Pack4Life!️


I teach jazz, tap, hip hop, lyrical, contemporary, acrobatics, creative movement and oversee the performance and company programs at The Studio as the Creative Director. I continue my dance education through certifications from CLI, Acrobatic Arts, Progressing Ballet Technique, convention seminars, and more! I am a proud member of the Dance Studio Owners Association's Inner Circle where I also work as a mentor to other studio owners on their entrepreneur journey. Continuing education is very important to me in my efforts to keep the TS staff ready to care for and teach your child(ren) and to also serve you as the parent/caretaker.


Along with dance education, I have always had a passion for studying child development which led me to earn my master’s degree in counselor education. My background in counselor education gives me a unique set of skills that helps children shine in dance and in life! At TS you will find us focusing on not only dance, but also social emotional learning through our monthly/quarterly activities.

Together, my passions for dance and counseling children has shown me a clear path to my dream of opening The Studio. Next to my husband and four children, The Studio is my ultimate passion project.


I believe everyone can find a place at The Studio!


Come dance with us!

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Customer Care Specialist

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