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Style Guide

Ballet -This is a classical form of dance focusing on proper dance alignment. Barre, center floor, and across the floor progressions are all used within the class to develop ballet technique.


Technique - In this class specific work in jazz technique is developed through exercise, skill work, and across the floors combinations. 


Jazz - This is a more upbeat style of dance, compared to ballet, that is very stylized and versatile. There are many amazing ways to make jazz come alive!


Lyrical- Similar to ballet, but in lyrical the costuming and style is more contemporary and free to more personal interpretation.


Contemporary - A more abstract style of dance where pictures with your body and isolations are key.


Tap - Creating rhythms and sounds with the feet is the goal in this class!  Tap dance has been around for a long time and is a well respected form of dance.


Hip Hop - This is a fun, upbeat, and high impact dance genre. Don’t sleep on hip hop at The Studio because we take it just as serious as we do ballet.  You’ll have a blast! Hope to see you on Thursday’s in The Hype Shop!


Acro - This is a tumbling and balance skills class. Core work and upper body strength is worked hard. Even if you aren’t a natural tumbler, this class will help you in other areas of dance.

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