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Policies and Procedures



At The Studio we believe that we can have an excellent dance program while having fun and keeping family first!  Therefore it’s very important that everyone knows that our 3 core values are Family, Focus, and Fun! Every month we will strive to bring all 3 of these values to light for an experience like none other.  Welcome to The Studio!



Our dance season runs from August-May with a separate summer dance program that runs 5 to 6 weeks in June and July (exact schedule is announced in January or February). We have two annual recitals, Nutcracker....The Remix held in December and The Studio Spring Recital held in May. 



A non-refundable registration fee is due upon enrolling in fall classes at The Studio. Registration fees are outlined on our pricing page.

*This fee does not apply to the summer dance programs.


All students enrolled in classes with dances perform in the annual winter and the spring recitals (First Steps and Technique classes do not participate in Nutcracker).  For the Spring Recital, each class a child is enrolled in that has a dance, there is a mandatory costume fee (which includes a processing fee), due in October.  Please see the class description page for the number of costumes required for a particular class. The costume deposit is non-refundable. Any balances due will be posted by the end of October and those balances will be due by November 1st.  Costumes will be distributed upon arrival, during class time with required parent signature, Picture week will be scheduled for the month of April (during Red Carpet Week).  Costumes for students who register after December may arrive after class distribution.  

*Competitive costumes fees have a different payment schedule.

*Costume fees do not apply to the summer dance program. 



We encourage attendance in class every week so that you can receive the dance education you deserve.  We do, however, understand that sickness, emergencies, and family obligations will occur. Overall we know that the more you’re in class, the more you learn, and the more you learn, the more confident you feel.  Plus, we miss you when you aren’t in class!

*Competitive students have a different attendance policy outlined in the competitive information guide.

Dress Code-

For The Hype Shop (Hip Hop classes), we encourage free flowing and trendy attire. Ballet class attire is black leotard, hair in a secure bun (braids are welcome), flesh-tone tights, and flesh-tone ballet shoes. For all other classes, leotards with skirts, biketard, athletic dance wear (leggings, bike shorts, tanks tops, and t-shirts) are appropriate.  

*Shoes are specified on our classes page.


Dancestudio-Pro (DSP) Parent Portal-

Every family must register and create an account through our parent portal, which can be found on the homepage.  It is the parent’s responsibility to keep all information updated.



I understand that my monthly tuition payments will be automatically drafted on the 5th of each month by the card on file. If your payment is declined, the second auto-draft attempt will occur 3 business days later. The late fee is $10 and will be added to your balance if unpaid after 10 days. If you need assistance with setting up autopay, our enrollment specialist can help you set up within the parent portal. Please also understand that while autopay does allow DanceStudio-Pro to debit the card on file, The Studio does not have access to your card information. In regard to months with more or less weeks, we do not prorate.  Month length and holiday closings have all been considered in our pricing.


Contract Termination-

The Studio requires a statement, in writing, 30 days before intent to discontinue classes via email to, subject line: Discontinue Classes.  Once you’ve received an acknowledged returned response from The Studio staff, your contract will be discontinued. Please understand that it will not be sufficient notice to tell an instructor or other employee of your intent to discontinue. It must be in writing as outlined above.



Photos and video will be taken during, but not limited to, classes, events, performances, etc.  These photos and videos may appear on The Studio social media accounts, website, advertisements, and on site at The Studio.



Please see the Company Information Guide for additional fees and instructions. 

*Signature will be required 

Inclement Weather/Closings-

We will follow Guilford County Schools spring break schedule and inclement weather closings, unless otherwise posted. We also have a posted calendar of studio specific closings.  Please follow our social media accounts for up to date information on inclement weather decisions @iheartthestudio.  


Assumption of risk/Release of Liability-

You have chosen to have your child(ren) participate in dance and tumble instruction given by The Studio. You acknowledge that you understand the nature of the activities your child(ren) will be participating in and that said child(ren) is/are in the proper physical condition and capable of participating in the related activities. You also realize that with participation in dance classes, studio activities, rehearsals, and performances there is a possibility for personal injury or death. Despite precautions, accidents and injuries may occur. You assume all risks related to the use of any and all spaces used by The Studio. In addition, you agree to hold harmless The Studio, its Director, its staff, volunteers, and its facilities used, from any cause of action, claims or demands now and in the future. The Studio is also not liable for any personal injury, death, personal property damage, theft or loss, which may occur on the premises before, during, or after classes/rehearsals/performances to parents/guardians or child(ren). Finally, the parent/guardian assumes all risk, liability, and responsibility for any unregistered children, siblings or otherwise, that are brought to the facility, activities, rehearsals, and performances of The Studio.


*When you register for your Dancestudio-Pro account, you are agreeing to follow the above policies and procedures.

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