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More Than A Dance Studio

We teach the whole child.

We are more than a dance studio!  We are a part of your personal journey, as you are ours.  We believe that our three core value approach will touch your dancer in such a way that they will not only receive a wonderful dance education, but they will also be a better person.  Come dance with us!

We hold annual events that keep families connected like our family cookout, parent appreciation weeks, Daddy/Daughter - Mother/Son Dance, and our Winter Pajama Jam.



Teacher Training and Student Development:

We are committed to teacher training that fosters proper skill development in our students and to be sure we understand child development in a way that encourages and motivates.  Through monthly, quarterly, and yearly trainings you can be sure that the staff at The Studio is working hard to help students progress in life and dance!


Character Development:
We facilitate quarterly character focus groups in kindness, friendship, respect, perseverance through buddy systems, journal prompts, and more!

Our ambassador program allows our upper grade students to learn important skills, through assisting the staff, that take them beyond the dance classroom and into the community as productive members of society.

Studio-wide there are several opportunities to set and reach skill goals throughout the year.  Each student will have a goal sheet where, along with their teacher, they can make a plan that helps them set their steps toward any goal!



For the students:

We provide age appropriate, monthly themes that encourage unity and fun!  These monthly themes provide a fresh and different take on skills learned in class that help keep students engaged and increase capacity to remember material. Sometimes these themes simply allow dancers to let loose and MOVE!  Imagine dance trivia, character dance days, imaginary play and more!


For students and parents/caretakers:
Throughout the year you can look forward to Dance March Madness, our 12 Days of Christmas giveaway, parent/caretaker appreciation weeks to name a few. These events keep the overall experience at The Studio fresh and exciting!



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